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sample cartoonThe Jolly Roger Cartoon Company provides professional quality cartoons individually tailored to your requirements.

We have been in business for over ten years, and have carried out commissions for a number of national and international companies.

Our studio is in North Yorkshire in the UK, but we are happy to accept commissions from around the world.

Have a look at our sample pages to find out more about the different types of work we do.

How to contact us

You can e-mail us at, or just click here


Costs are time-based. So if you've already got a design in mind and it's a relatively simple black and white, we could save drafting effort and produce the final version for around £50. Such a design would normally be ready within 1 - 2 days.

Full colour covers are more involved and usually range from £200, depending very much on complexity and how preformed your ideas are.

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